Site Investigation Reports

The decision to purchase and develop a property is perhaps the largest financial decision you will ever make.

A wise developer understands all the costs, restrictions, and hurdles that must addressed before he makes significant capital expenditures.

The site investigation report provides the information a developer needs before venturing into project design and entitlement.

Will the city allow my project?  What restrictions will be placed on my proposed facility design?  What is the approval process? How much are the fees that the city will charge me?  How long will the permitting take?

A site investigation report or feasibility study helps you answer these questions and more before you invest significant dollars in design and permitting.

These initial project services include:

  • site investigation, utilization, and layout,
  • site/master planning,
  • code research and compliance,
  • fee and assessment research,
  • agency investigation, and
  • cost estimates.


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