Alternative fuels

Across the last decade, Fiedler Group has established its authority and leadership in the alternative energy industry.

This expertise contributed to new opportunities including state of the art fueling facilities, educational centers for alternative energy and upgrading maintenance facilities that service alternative fueled vehicles.

Our experience in this new and evolving industry has seen us partner with a variety of Department of Energy-approved firms, providing design, permitting, entitlement, and construction management services for new hydrogen fueling facilities.

Since 2011, we have also supported Clean Energy’s “American Natural Gas Highway” (ANGH) program to bring natural gas fuel to the interstate trucking community.

Fiedler Group support for the ANGH rollout program have included preliminary site investigation and research, preliminary design, entitlement processing, design and engineering, permit processing, and project management for LNG facilities across the nation.

The first phase of the Natural Gas Highway includes 150 fueling stations; 70 of which were completed in 33 states in 2012, with dozens of additional fuel stations planned for 2013.

It’s this experience on the leading edge of development that allows us to hit the ground running, enabling fast-track design and municipal approval.

Whatever direction the alternative fuel industry takes, Fiedler Group will navigate complex regulations and clear any hurdles often associated with this new technology.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Hydrogen,
  • Ethanol E85,
  • Methanol,
  • CNG/LNG,
  • Alternative fueling systems


Case Studies

Hydrogen Facilities

Fiedler Group has participated in the development of several different alternative fuel stations, working closely with all three energy partners.


Clean Energy Fuels Case StudyClean Energy Fuels

Across interstate highways and major metropolitan areas, a network of liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck fueling stations are being built by Clean Energy.


Pioneer Natural Resources (formerly Mesa Holding Co.)

Prior to a merger, Fiedler Group developed two CNG fuel facilities in Anaheim and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).