Fiedler Firsts

Since its founding in 1957, Fiedler Group has prided itself in being a leading supplier of innovative design and engineering services.

It’s this commitment that consistently positions Fiedler Group among industry leaders — revolutionizing technologies, processes, and advancements.

See below for a brief selection of Fiedler “firsts.”

  • First Mesa compressed natural gas facility (1995)
  • First Chevron/McDonald’s co-brand (1996)
  • First ground-up Arco am/pm fueling facility in Mexico (1997)
  • First New Vision Arco am/pm facility (2002)
  • First retail-designed BP hydrogen fueling station (2004)
  • First Chevron hydrogen  fueling station (2005)
  • First Southern California Edison electrolyzer hydrogen facility (2007)
  • First Shell Oil combined hydrogen and gasoline station (2008)
  • First BP LEED-certified gasoline station (2008)
  • First hydrogen fueling station to tap into an existing hydrogen pipeline (2011)
  • First “above ground, below grade” fuel system installation in California which complies with CARB Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery Standards (2012)
  • First high-pressure hydrogen fueling station aimed at private consumers in California (2012)
  • First hydrogen fueling station to serve four hydrogen-powered vehicles at the same time (2012)
  • Site adapting and permitting 70 sites in the first nationwide Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fueling network in the Untied States – America’s Natural Gas Highway (ANGH) (2012)

These certainly aren’t the last of the “firsts” to come; Fiedler Group remains committed to its proud history of innovation — a promise kept across the better part of half a century.

First Hydrogen Station First BP LEED-certified station