Company principals

Fiedler Group clients are confident, knowing they’re working with a trusted team of professionals with 117 years of industry experience – providing proven and exemplary knowledge in their respective field.

Nothing demonstrates this philosophy more than the hands-on approach taken by Fiedler Group’s principals — each taking the time to understand your project’s unique needs.

Take a moment to learn a little more about what differentiates Fiedler Group’s leadership from its competitors.


Patrick Fiedler

Patrick Fiedler, President

Patrick Fiedler’s career with the firm began immediately following his graduation from University of Southern California in 1982.

After several years of engineering and managerial service, Mr. Fiedler rose to the become Vice President in 1988, and ultimately President and owner of Fiedler Group in 2002.

In addition to his undergraduate work, Mr. Fiedler earned a Masters of Science Civil Engineering in 1983 and he gained his professional civil license in 1984. Mr. Fiedler is currently licensed in 41 states and he has recently earned LEED certification.

A highly respected industry leader, Mr. Fiedler has been the driving force in each of the numerous Fiedler “firsts”, and he has been a sought after industry expert by leading publications such as National Petroleum News and H2 Nation.

Mr. Fiedler is responsible for overall guidance of the firm, client relations, and mentoring the professional design team.

“I feel comfortable that Mr. Fiedler has greater knowledge and competence regarding a code compliant installation than I do at this time.”

– Senior Plan Reviewer, City of Indianapolis, Indiana

“Thank you so much for everything you bring that makes my job just a little bit easier! You’re the best”

– Senior Real Estate Representative, 7-Eleven Inc.


Ken BartonKen Barton, Vice President

Ken Barton’s career began with Fred Fiedler and Associates in 1976 where he provided architectural design and construction management functions for the Fiedler team before accepting an engineering assignment with Union Oil Company in 1979.

For 17 years Mr. Barton was responsible for retail, bulk plant and terminal design, maintenance and construction, as well as terminal operations, and safety compliance throughout the Western United States.

In 1997, Mr. Barton returned to join the Fiedler team as Vice President of Operations. In addition to his client responsibilities, Mr. Barton is responsible for the daily design, permitting and administrative activities of the firm.

Mr. Barton holds a BS in Architecture from the University of Southern California and has completed the Engineering Management Program at California Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California Occupational Safety and Health Management Program.

“Ken is a great partner in helping design and permit projects. He is a pleasure to work with, always helpful in providing solutions and meets his commitments. I would highly recommend him and his firm.”

– Brian Wall, Bovis Lend Lease

“Ken’s exceptional management skills with vast knowledge of the industry made possible the successful completion of the program. His interpersonal skills and experience helped tremendously permitting the most challenging projects on the program and resolving the issues effectively saving cost and time. I highly recommend Ken Barton as an expert in managing projects and programs in the retail oil industry and other multi-site projects.”

– Chavdar Christov, BP Solar